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For a lot of golfers one of the most common areas that they will injure themselves in when they're playing golf is around the wrists and the forearms so it's important that we warm those areas up correctly but also try and strengthen those particularly for younger golfers or golfers that are fairly new to the game. If they're not very strong around that area, they can get into some difficulties. So a really good, simple warming up and strengthening exercise, just your normal golf club, hold it out in front of you and then try and wind the golf club over so passing the golf club round, twisting your wrists and building that muscle memory and that muscle strength by turning to it that way and then reverse it and build it back again. Imagine that you had a piece of string and a rope and something tied on the bottom. You're trying to sort of wind it up and I have actually seen people doing it with weight on the bottom here to try and wind it up. That's a bit hardcore for my liking but if you can do this, again a minute going to this way and then turn it round the minute going to that way, you'll be incredibly surprised how much that can actually sort of influence your wrist. You think just turning a golf club over like that doesn't have any impact but you do it for a minute one way. Try and turn it around and do it a minute the other way and I bet then you can barely hold on to the golf club.

So a great exercise to do, not necessarily just before you go out and play but as a strengthening exercise in the midweek and then maybe before you go out and play. 10 seconds one way, 10 seconds back the other way is really all you need. You don’t overstress your wrists. But again, it's a good area for injury prevention. Try that one and hopefully that will help you out as well.