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Video Transcript

Here’s a bit of an old classic really, a great little warmer, a warming up exercise. You can see I’ve got two golf clubs here. We’re going to use two clubs of similar length each. Just be really well careful if you've got graphite shafts here because if you're banging the graphite shafts together, you can cause yourself a few problems and a few breakages so if you've got graphite shafts, do it lightly and loosely with those but if you've got steel shafts, try and use two steel-shafted golf clubs.

Grip them together as best as you can. You might not be able to get a perfect grip. You may have to get somewhere close and then keep the golf clubs lifted well off the floor. We don’t want it to hit the ground. The heads will just clatter together too much. Setting up, grip them as well as you can. Lift them off the floor and then just make some very light, very short swings and then gradually feel how you're going to build a little bit more length into your swing until you can actually get quite a full speed and a full fluid motion going on.

The point of this exercise: great for building up your flexibility but also really good for building up your strength particularly if you concentrate on building strength in the right areas. So we want to be nice and strong at the top of the swing to control the length of the golf swing, particularly notable if you have a tendency to collapse your left arm and have a bit of an over swing. It's a really good exercise. The extra weight gain makes you feel a little bit stronger at the top. Then as you come down through the golf ball and extend, allow the weight of the golf clubs to really pull you out towards your target. It's one of the key areas of the golf swing. I see a lot of golfers get into the wrong position so they're pulling their arms back and fighting with the golf club. By swinging the two clubs, you should feel that you can extend your arms a little bit more through the golf ball, have a bit more fluidity and also power in your swing.

Grip two clubs. Lift them off the ground so they're not going to clang together, nice, controlled swings, making sure you've got discipline at the top and that you're stopping the clubs rather than the clubs deciding when to stop and then dominating you so you're dominating the club at the top and then extend through and let a nice, big, relaxed finish position happen. Do that for four or five gos before the round of golf but also if you find that out on the golf course you had a few minutes delay. Maybe you've gone to the halfway house or the group in front have lost the golf ball and you've been standing on the tee for four or five minutes getting cold and you feel a little bit tired and a bid tense here. Great exercise. Again, two clubs, swing that round a few times, warm your body up again, ready to get straight back into the swing of things on the golf course.