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Now we're going to look at a cracking little series of tips to help you loosen up before you're around the golf, but also built a bit of flexibility and build a bit of strength into your general practice routine for your golf.

Now, golf is a very general sort of rotational motion around the body. We're going to have to turn quite a long way in the golf swing. So a lot of the exercises that we'll look at are going to be rotational exercises. It's not a movement people make in everyday life. You know, most people just live their life either sleeping, driving a car, sitting at the desk, they're just square on. The most rotation a lot of people do in a day is reaching around to get the seatbelt and putting that back in, and they're out of breath by the time they're finish doing that.

So if I can give you some extra rotational exercises to improve your flexibility when I come to try and put you in a good position in a golf swing is not going to be so difficult.

So the first exercise we're going to do, it's going to take a chair. And if you can do this maybe into a window, that would be great, or into a mirror, something like that would be lovely. Just something you can see yourself. So, again, to sit facing straight up. Sit quite close to the front of the chair and sit with your hips flat so you're not going to lift one leg or another. So sitting at the front of the chair. Then take your golf club and place it evenly over the top of your shoulder so it's facing straight on here, and then try and turn as far as you can turning around and around. And you can hear my voice; it starts to get a bit tighter around here.

But I'm being careful with not letting my hips move, you know. If I let my hips move, I can get all the way around here. It looks really impressive but it's not stretching the right areas. So keeping your bottom half pretty much lockout in this section and turning your top half as far as you can one way and have a look how far around you get and turn around the other way and have a look how far around you get.

Now, the closer to 90 degrees the better. But as long as you're getting pass 45 degrees and just pushing it a little bit each time, that will be OK. So we're going to turn. We're going to hold this for 5 or 10 seconds, pushing a little bit at a time and then come back around the other way and hold it again and push a little bit at a time.

It's just a very nice general stretching exercise to feel you sort of opening up the movements that you're going to use in your golf swing. It's great exercise just to practice at home. Even evening, if you're watching TV, just loosening up a little bit, you're improving your golf and watching TV at the same time. That's the good deal in my book. Or it's a nice exercise to do before you walk right to the ground and play golf. So seated on the chair, nice rotations in your upper body. Have a little go at that one.