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In conjunction with the rolling the club over in your hands to strengthen your wrist, another really good tip for your wrist is to do a vertical club waggle. You take your normal grip on the golf club. Hold it directly out in front of your body and then waggle it from side to side like a windscreen wiper and just gently backwards and forwards. We’re not interested in moving that whole body backwards and forwards to rock this golf club. It's just the control of your hands and your forearms to knock the golf club from side to side and if you can do this efficiently, again you'll feel your hands working. You'll feel your forearms working, building a little bit of strength, building some control. It might also just highlight if your grip is sound. If when you're doing this you feel like that your grip is a bit wobbly and your hands are almost falling off the golf club. Then maybe you need to address the grip. And as you get better at doing this, you can get faster and just feel how your hands are then controlling the golf club. It's a really good action so when I hit the golf ball, I can feel how my hands are having an influence over the shot and my hands aren't passive and leaking the ball out to the right-hand side too much so good for wrist strength, good for control and good for making sure that you've got a nice, sound grip on the golf club in the first place.