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Here’s another great exercise to work on your shoulders and your sides here, a nice one here, taking the golf club out, a 7-iron reaching up nice and high over your head, feet sort of shoulder width apart for a normal golf stance like you would be, a little bit of flex in the knees and then just start to lean right over to one side and hold it there five, six seconds. Try and avoid sort of a bouncing down. That really isn't going to work for you. It overstretches the muscles so just holding it over to one side. See how far down you can get and then lift up back to the center and back over. Just make sure the club sits directly above your head it's not too far in front of you or particularly not too far back we don’t arch the back the wrong way so nice and tall, reaching up as much as you can, a little bit of knee flex and then stretch it down five or six seconds holding on this side, back up and over and then reaching down on to this side as well. If you just spend a couple of minutes doing this two or three times a week and then adding this to your pre-shot or your pre-practice session or your pre-round warm-up routine, again you'll feel the benefits in your golf swing as you turn into the golf ball. You'll feel a little bit more flexible, maybe even a bit more powerful in your golf swing and I hope that one works for you as well.