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Video Transcript

Should I let my head move during my golf back swing? Now the simplest answer to this, if it’s possible, we want to be keeping the head very, very still throughout the swing. If you can keep the head very, very still, it can become a focal point and a fulcrum for the rest of the swing to actually turn around. Now there are many great players. The number one player at this moment in time Rory Mcllroy, his head stays very still on the back swing, but then he has a little bit of a dip onto the down swing.

So keeping the head precisely in the same spot, it’s not a necessity to hit very good shots, but on the back swing if you can keep the head still it will certainly set you up for a much better technique and a much more consistent technique on the way down. Now there are lots of ways to practice this. Often a very, very simple way is just to have some slow motion swings and while you’re doing it, just keeping the head as still as possible. However, it’s not always easy to see where your head is because you’re focused down on the ball.

Another great way to actually practice is to use a mirror. So standing in front of the mirror with a golf club, you don’t have to hit golf balls, but keep your eyes locked on your own when you’re actually looking into the mirror. So I’ll use the camera here, try not to disconcert too many people. By looking straight into the mirror as you’re swinging, keeping your eye on your own reflection, and then moving through. Just practicing that down swing but maintaining eye contact with yourself in the mirror. And if you can do that, your head won’t actually be able to dip up and down because if it does, you’d be able to see.

So in a very, very simple way on that golf back swing, keep that head as still and as steady as possible. During the down swing, you can move a little bit and it will have to move after you actually hit the ball. But during the back swing, keep it nice and still, nice and steady and it will set you off for a much more consistent position as you swing down into the ball.