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Video Transcript

Cracking exercise here to aid with your speed, increasing your speed and also your timing. Let's set your golf club and actually flick it upside down so you're holding up towards the head end of the driver with the shaft and the handle down at the bottom. Then take as best you can your normal grip and just start swishing the club around and you should start to hear a little bit swishing noise. I’m not sure whether that picks up on the microphone but the faster I do it, the louder the swish starts to get. Try and make your normal swing as much as possible so you're still making a good turn back and then a nice accelerating swish through to a finish. You'll start to feel if you can release your hands correctly at the right time, when you release your hands, that will increase the clubhead speed, hence making the swish louder.

The next thing to then focus on is where the swish is happening. We want the swish to be happening at the ball and possibly beyond the ball so you get the sense of accelerating through the impact area. We certainly want to avoid having the swish too early on in the swing. That would indicate a sort of a casting or a throwing motion in the downswing. So avoid any casting or any throwing early on, try and maintain some lag in your left wrist, for the right-handed golfer, as late as possible in the swing and then whip the hands over through the bottom half so we have turn back, swish through. As you increase your club head speed there, you'll feel the swish getting louder and that's really the motion that you want to try and then generate in a proper swing. Again, we hold our lag till quite late on then release the handle all the way through to big full finish.

I really like that exercise in conjunction with the previous video which was swinging two clubs together. Swinging two clubs together will generate some extra strength and build some strength in your swing and then spinning the club over and holding it at the opposite end will generate the speed to go with that so this is a nice dynamic movement. Swinging two clubs together generates a little bit more strength. Use the two exercises together. Try and increase a bit of clubhead speed using those drills.