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How can I hit a muddy golf ball? Now this is a real problem when you are out on the course because if you’ve got a golf ball which features mud on one side or even both sides it brings in a real possibility of an errant shot and then also an unpredictable shot as well. When you’re hitting a shot which is loaded with mud it can produce lots of different kinds of spins and they’re very, very hard to actually control. But there are a few ways you can adapt your swing and adapt your setup to give you a better possibility of hitting a straight shot, and hopefully finding your target.

Now the first thing you need to do is give yourself a little bit more club. With a ball which is covered in mud or has mud to one side it will affect the spin, so what we effectively want to be doing is reducing the amount of spin we’re imparting on that ball. So if you normally hit an 8-iron 150 yards, switch down to a 7-iron and play in more like a punch shot.

So to do this we’ll keep the ball with a 7-iron pretty much in the middle of the stance, we’ll keep our same posture, but we’ll lean slightly towards the target, putting a little bit more weight on the front foot, we’ll keep our hands ahead of the ball and then we’ll keep the swing length about three quarters, trying to take a little bit the wrist out of it, hitting down and through and just holding the finish position, again in a three quarter position.

So the ball in the middle of the stance, the weight a little bit further forward and then a three quarter swing holding off that finish position as well. And that will send out the ball out a little bit lower and it will take the mud to spin off the ball as well hopefully producing the straighter shot. Now fortunately if you do have mud on your ball and you’re on a green you can actually mark it and clean it. So don’t get kind of pulled into a situation where you feel you need to play mud ball off every single lie. If you are on the green and you’ve got some mud on the ball you can mark it, clean it and then have a clean ball when you’re actually putting, but when you are off a fairway and your playing summer rules and you cant pick and place, then you are going to have to play it and using a punch technique is the best way and the most consistent way to take most of the variables out of the shot.