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How can my foot position affect my golf stance? Now when you are building your golf technique you need to start from the ground upwards, and that starts with how you are positioning your feet on the ground in relation to your target, in relation to your ball, but also in relation to the rest of your body. Now there are several things that your feet are important to actually get right. Now first of all the feet needs to be in appropriate width apart, if they are too wide it will inhibit backswing and through swing kind of weight transfer, if it’s too narrow you will have no control of your body movement and you will start to lose your balance. A decent rough guide for the irons it’s to get the feet just about shoulder width apart, for the drivers and the woods you know a little bit further and get the feet just outside your shoulder width. Now as far as your foot position is concerned in relation to your target, in relation to your aim it needs to be stacked with the body. Now what that means, is the left foot goes there the right foot separates, the knees are on the same alignment as the feet, the hips are on the same as the knees and then the shoulders are on the same alignment with the hips.

So everything just stacks up on top of each other and as long as they are parallel and square to your target line, you should be aligned up absolutely fine. Now also with your feet, one thing which is often overlooked is the position and how they affect your actual hip turn. Now on the way to actually get in the correct setup this is a nine here, so my feet are about shoulder with the par, if I have both my toes pointing forwards it will actually restrict my hip turn coming through. So to inhibit – so not to inhibit that hip turn should I say to actually get my hips moving a bit free, I want my toe to be flared out slightly, so pointing just slightly off to the left down side when I am setting up. My right toe that could remain pointing straight forwards, so I don’t turn to much with the hips going back, so with the feet a little bit of a separation and then just find that left toe out slightly. If that left toe is, find out slightly it will just increase the chances of a flowing hip turn through the ball and it won’t actually restrict you as you come through.

So with your feet although they actually are often overlooked they are vitally important part of you setup. Your aim, the way you move your body and for several other reasons, so if you want, you can actually improve your technique and improve your overall game, start from the ground up and focus on your foot position.