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How can my fingers influence my golf grip? Now your grip is your only connection you have with the club, so whatever you are doing it needs to be correct. Your grip has many, many different kind of characteristics that actually affects but also other parts of your swing. From your clubface position to the amount of power you can generate through impact, so you need to take care and you need to ensure that your grip placement is absolutely correct. Now in your kind of the actual setup and when you are actually taking the grip there are a few key checkpoints that you can use to ensure that your fingers are in the correct place. Now first of all when you are placing the grip through your left hand it just needs to run from the base of the little finger until it runs through the middle of the index finger. And that will allow the hand just to wrap over on top quite nicely and as you look down you should be seeing two and half knuckles on your left hand.

And this is the building block of a neutral grip, so this should keep the clubface quite square throughout the swing and just help you to hit so much straighter shots. So the left hand goes on from the base of the little finger through the middle of the index finger then the hand wraps over you should be seeing two and half knuckles, and the V created by the thumb and the fore finger should be pointing up towards your right shoulder. Now with the right hand, you can overlap you can interlock you can have 10 fingered grip, its best experimenting to see what works best for you, but this demonstration I will use an overlap so my little finger kind of slots in between my index finger and my second finger on my left hand here. The three fingers remain in just slots onto the grip and my right hand just sits on top of my left thumb and the V created by that hand also pointing up towards my right shoulder. Now with my fingers in this position they can influence the clubface throughout the swing just by making sure it rotates freely and actually squares up through impact.

So take that nice little grip – and I can swing with a greater amount of freedom knowing that that grip will actually cause my clubface to stay relatively square. Now as well as having positive impacts your finger placement can actually have negative – got impacts as well. So it can be too strong of a grip where the hands are on top with the left and then the right hand is below which closes the clubface to impact, it could be too weak with the left hand a little bit underneath and the right hand on top causing the clubface to open though impact, and that grip can also be too light, it can also be too strong, so you can be griping to tight or you can be gripping too lose. There are a; lots of different factors affecting your grip, but you need to make sure that the first putt of call is having a nice neutral hold on the club which will help the clubface remain square throughout impact and allow you to swing a lot more freely.