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How can I be a more consistent golf ball striker? Now in the golf swing there are many different factors which could cause an inconsistent strike, but one of the keys is a bad tempo. So to improve the consistency of a strike, you need a very, very good sound and reliable tempo throughout the swing. Now there are many different ways to find the actual correct tempo for you. Now what I’d actually recommend is you match it to how you live the rest of your life. So if you’re quite a laid back character, your swing tempo should be quite relaxed and laid back quite languid. If you move around in quite a fast pace, then maybe your tempo should be a little bit quicker. But finding the perfect tempo for you is just a fantastic way to improve the consistency of your ball striking.

Now what I actually recommend is a little bit of a slow motion drill and that actually improves and slows down the whole tempo and then you can build up from that base. So with a slow motion drill, you should be swinging to begin with probably about 10% your overall power, so swinging about 10% your overall power and overall club head speed. So an exceptionally slow tempo, you’re never going to hit the shot with that kind of a tempo. But that was 10%. Now for the next one goes about 30%, so with a little bit more speed, then to about 60%. And most people’s perfect tempo, it kind of exists around 80% their overall maximum club head speed.

Now that’s a great little way for you to actually find your correct tempo. And you can actually hit shots with each of those. But once you found it – and once you’ve found that magical 80% just lots of shots just grooving that same speed. And if you can groove that same speed every time, you’re going to be hitting a lot more consistent golf shots. But there are lots of different things within the golf swing which could cause you to hit it inconsistently, but if you focus on your tempo to begin with, hopefully you should see an improvement straightaway.