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How can I tell if I'm shanking the golf ball? Now a shank has a very, very distinctive ball flight. It occurs when the ball is struck from the hosel of the club. Now, the hosel of the club is curved in such a manner that the ball has an excessive amount to spin and it moves off to the right hand side very, very quickly. Not only does it move out there very, very quickly, normally moves out there on a very low path. You can hit it out the hill and it can rise up in the air and goes to the right hand side, but that’s not a pure shank, a pure shank comes right out the hill, fires off low in right hand side and could almost go off at right angles at times, is a very, very distinctive ball flight. What it shouldn’t be confused with, is an exaggerated slice. A slice will start left and then curve to the right hand side finishing well right off the target. A shank will start right, go right and you will have absolutely no control over the ball whatsoever. Now, it can be caused by a couple of actual things, if you are swinging on very steep angle of attack, so you are attacking the ball with almost a bit an axe movement, down into impact that will present the hosel of the club to the ball a lot, lot easier. Also if you are swinging excessively from into out in such a manner like this, that will also present the hosel to the club, hosel to the ball, sorry a lot easier. And then at the opposite side as well, a steep angle of attack from out to in, that could present the hosel of the club to the ball as well.

So to avoid it, you need to try and swing a little bit straighter into the ball, maybe back away a little bit more, give yourself some room and avoid the big in to out or the big out to ins and especially avoid the very, very steep angle of attack. However, if you are shanking golf balls, and you are still not quite sure, get your hands on some face tape because what face tape does, is you can apply it a cross the clubface and they actually show you whereabouts on the clubface you are hitting the ball and if the ball is consistently being struck from the hill of the hosel of the club then you’ll know you’re hitting a shank and you’ll know you need to work on a few other things in your technique. We give it a go, see about the face tape, try and understand what your ball flight is doing and if you are having -- if you are actually in the shanking the videos -- you are all shanking the ball. There role of the video is on this website you can have a look at or go see your local pro and hopefully you’ll be able to fix that destructive ball flight.