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How can I improve my golf alignment even on badly aligned tees? Now something that frustrates a lot of players when they get out on to the course they are faced with a shot of this to a green on a par three or a fairway in a par four or a par five. And the tee box has been mowed or it’s been placed in a position where its points away from where you actually want to hit the ball. It can play habit with the golfers mind because they want to set up square to the tee box even though they know that’s aiming a long way off where they want to go. Now if you are faced with this problem they are a couple of key things that you can use first of all you need to ensure that you know how to correctly align yourself, you have a target line and a body line. Now the target line runs from your ball down to where you want the ball to actually travel. Now I have got here the club to actually mimic the target but for good golf alignment I want to get my club set square to where I want my ball to go. From there I set my body parallel to this target line so my feet, my knees, my hips and my shoulders all stacked up on parallels to my target line.

Now this is great if the tee is square or if you have the mental fortitude to ignore where misaligned tee box is aiming. If you are still struggling you can actually use the markings on a ball to ensure and to help make it at least less painful as possible. Now every ball that you use will have a logo or you can actually put markings on, you can actually get the lines or the name on the ball pointing down at where you want the ball to go. So I can get my logo pointing down my target line, get my club set square to those lines and then make my body parallel to where my ball and to my target line. So although misaligned tees can be frustrating and they can actually take you off in a direction you don’t want to go if you know how to align your body and you use the markings on your ball you can help -- it can help overcome what is a difficult obstacle.