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How can I best keep track of my golf progress? Now, if you’re an amateur, a great way of keeping track of your progress if you’re regularly playing in competitions, is of course your handicap. So if your handicap continues to drop, then you’ll know you’re generally moving in the correct direction. But there are a number of other different ways that you can help kind keep track of how you’re doing, how you’re playing, and how you’re actually improving within your technique. Now there’s lots of different ways you can actually keep stats. So if you are a regular practicer, you can keep a notebook, you can play a number of games, so for example when you’re hitting 100 yards you can play how many balls out of ten, can I get in a certain area, you can keep a track of your progress throughout the weeks and see how you’re improving. So that’s a great way to keep track of your progress while you’re practicing.

Now for a more in-depth summary of how you’re actually playing on the course, you can use a number of kind of small phone apps, a number of computer apps now to actually keep track of where you’re shots are actually going. So this will give you an accurate reading if your fairway is in regulation, your green is in regulation, the number of putts you’re taking, the number of chips, the numbers of sand saves, and it can all be collated and collected very, very quickly just by using your smart phone or keeping of your score and your shots in your head, and then just loading them to a computer after you’ve actually played. So there are a number of different ways you can actually keep track of progress in a general sense, and also in the minutest of details; keeping track of your driving, your putting, and your chipping, etcetera.

A big mistake you’ll be – or a big mistake you’d make is not keeping track of any of these things. It can certainly highlight areas in your game which need to be improved. If you find you’ve been stuck on say 15 handicap for a number of years, you can't get any lower; analyzing stats successfully can certainly highlight an area, say for example short irons that you need to improve straightaway. You could certainly find you’re hitting not enough greens within 150 yards, and you improve that you improve you handicap. So there are number of different ways you can track your progress, take advantage of them, embrace modern technology and improve your game.