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How can a low and slow takeaway improve my golf? Now the actual start of the backswing is a crucial area of the golfing technique because it sets the swing off in the correct manner and to do actually achieve a correct backswing and to get the golf swing moving in the way you want, is a lot easier to start low and slow. Now what that means is that the club head travels away from the ball very low to the ground and also very slow, and from that point you can build up the momentum to the top and then keep that slow and gradual speed building up through the ball and through impact and then carrying out to a flowing full swing. It’s amazing that just that slight alteration in keeping the club low, keeping it slow can affect the whole rhythm of your swing.

A mistake that many people actually make is to take the ball - take the club away from the ball very fast and that actually has a knock-on effect because if you start fast it’s very hard to then slow down. Because if that first initial part of your take away is quick, the rest of the swing tends to be quick as well. If you can take that takeaway away nice and low, nice and slow, then the rest of the swing does tend to follow, so it really sets you off in the right manner. So over that ball, get the club moving very low to the ground and obviously as slow as you dare to begin with.

And the rest of the golf swing should follow in a lovely rhythmical manner as well. So you give that a go, when you’re over the ball, take it away low and slow, get the swing off to the right manner and hopefully the rest of the swing will follow suit as well.