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How can I stop the golf right hand being too dominant in the golf swing? Now for a successful golf swing to actually take place, or for consistent shots to be hit, you need to have both hands working in unison and working in harmony. If one of the hands becomes too dominant, problems will occur. Now the most often caused, the most often kind of curve traitor of the hand becoming too dominant, is the power hand which is the right hand, the right hand in golfers is that sit below the left. Now the first thing you need to check if it is becoming a little bit too strong, a little bit too dominant, is your grip. Now if your golf right hand position, you want it to be sitting nice and snug on top of the left thumb and as you look down, you want to be seeing about one and a half knuckles and the v created by the thumb and the fore finger pointing up towards the right shoulder. The right hand will tend to become a little bit dominant if it gets in a strong position. So it slips a little bit too much underneath the club, you won’t be able to see any knuckles as you look down, and then the v created by the thumb and the fore finger pointing on the right shoulder.

One reason that the right hand can also become too dominant is as you cause your impact it tries to scoop the ball up into the air. Now what normally happens with this is the right hand moves upwards, and the left hand and the wrist breaks down. Another way you can actually control the right hand and stop it becoming too dominant is to lead more with the left, so as you come down into impact, feel like the left wrist and the left arm are staying nice and firm. A great way to practice this is to hit a little cut knock down shots where you not putting in the full swing, just putting like a three quarter technique, but as you come through impact, try and keep the left wrist and the left arm nice and firm. If you can do this, then the right hand won’t have time to actually come up and dominate the swing. So if you are strident with a dominant right hand, first of all check your grip then make sure that your left wrist is nice and firm and is not breaking down as you actually hit the ball.