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How can I stop freezing over the golf ball before I begin my takeaway? Now the takeaway from the ball is the initial part of the backswing and a lot of things can go right but a lot of things can also go wrong at this period. Now a lot of people do struggle with just the initial movement, actually getting the club moving away from the ball, a lot of people can become quite tensed and quite nervous and they can become quite jerky action which you don’t want, you want a nice flowing swing away which will set up a nice flowing and smooth swing.

Now to stop the actually jerky action and to stop being so tensed and to actually get that nice smooth takeaway; there are a couple of techniques you can use. The first one which is that simple is to add a little bit of flow and a little bit of movement into the swing before you even start taking the club away. Now the best way to do this is to add a forward press into the actual set up and into the actual swing. Now a forward press is that simple to do, you get set up, you keep your hands where they are and then just before you begin the swing you press the hands forwards towards the target.

Now what that does it initiates the swing, it’s almost like a little bit of a ignition to the backswing. Its behind the ball it’s a press and then you begin to move on the backswing and it’s a great way to overcome a little bit of tension and to get the swing flowing. Another way you can do it just before you setup there is few great players who do this such as Dufner and Keegan Bradley is certainly another one who have a lots of movements before he hits the shot.

Someone like Dufner will get over the ball quite a few waggles just to break the tension and then after he’s over ball he will continue the swing. So whether it’s a forward press if you waggle just before you begin both of these things can loosen you up and get you ready to play the shot. So I will add up both in, I will add a couple of waggles just to get myself loosened up then I will get over the ball, I will add a forward press and continue the swing. So if you are struggling and freezing over that takeaway add those couple of things into your actual swing before you even take the club away and hopefully you should not be freezing over that ball any longer.