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When you're looking to strike down on the ball more one of the easiest ways to do that is to alter ball position. Now I've already spoken a little bit about the kind of motion the club takes around the body. But if I get up over this ball, banging the center if my stand to my sternum directly over the ball they club it going travel in a circular motion around the body pretty much bottom out at the ball or just after and then carry up and around onto the -- up and around on its path, around the body. Now if you imagine that circle going round my body, and my ball position where it is, if I start to move my swing center further, further forward, the circular motion that the club takes around my body, that will roughly stay the same. But just look at the relation that the ball has to that circle.

All of a sudden now that circle, is approaching the ball on a much steeper angle. Now the steeper the angle onto the ball, the more increased the angle of attack will become and the downed you will actually hit on the shot. So an easy way to actually increase angle of attack and to hit down on the ball, here within any time, if I just move it from the center of my stance to a little bit lower, a little bit further back in my stance. Keep my hands moving forward, this is going to increase my angle of attack down on the ball and it's going to really decrease the initial starting trajectory of the shot. So it's going to be going further, it's going on low and it's going to be more penetrating down into the wind. So if you do want to simply change ball position to alter angle of attack, that's all you need to do. The further back you move it, the more down you'll hit. The further forward you move it, the more up you will hit. But for an iron shot, it's probably always better if you're going to strike down to try and move it slightly further back in the stance.