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How can I get my golf swing more on plane? Now to get a golf swing on plane there are a few key check points that you can use, but the first thing you need to get correct is your posture. Now to achieve a correct posture, just stand up dead straight with the club out in front of you, and the arms both upright, and both extended but just relaxed, the club parallel to the ground and then push back the hips, tilt forward until the club touches the ground and then add a little bit of knee flex. With this correct spine angle, that will allow you to actually turn around your spine angle and create a much better plane. Make sure your posture is correct before you even think about actual swing plane.

Once your posture is correct however there are a few key check points that you can use to ensure that your swing is on play. Now the one I want you to have a go with is as you take it back, ensure that the toe of the club reaches this point and hits up at the sky hinging the wrists into this position here. So the shaft if you’re to draw a line from the boot end and extend it down, you would actually hit the target line. Now that’s a key example of an on playing shaft. So you can swing back to this point, through impact and then achieve the same position on the other side with the butt end of the club pointing down towards a target line as well.

Now you can actually do this and incorporate this into a bit of a drill. So you can get over the ball, solid posture, swing it back to that position there just check and then actually hit the ball. So its a little pre set drill, it’s a little pause drill. It can feel a little bit strange to begin with, but it can certainly get the feeling in there a lot quicker of an on plane swing. So to there to pause, through the ball.

If you’re going to actually stop it there as well, just check the boot end of the club that would be quite hard and it will take some control but it is definitely achievable. So if you’re searching for that on plane swing, make sure your posture is correct to begin with, because that’s the mistake that a lot of people make they jump straight on to swing plane without understanding that their spine angle must be correct. So achieve a correct spine angle, then work on your plane, not the other way round.