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How can I work on a wide takeaway in my golf swing? Now the takeaway away from the ball is very important because it really sets up how the rest of the swing will unfold. What you don’t want to do on takeaway is to get the club moving very, very close to the body. Because as soon as it becomes close to the body and then quite narrow coming though impact everything has to unfold and that will lead to very inconsistent ball striking. Now a great way to make sure this doesn’t happen is to ensure your back swing is as wide as possible. Now during the back swing to achieve width all you need to be doing, is getting the club moving as far away from the body as you can without becoming disconnected which I’ll get to in a moment.

So take that club away from the body pushing it as far away as you can letting those wrists hind up naturally you can look at the extension in that left arm then again just trying to push that club away from the body at the top of the back swing. Now what this will actually do, it will add consistency and power, but it’ll just allow you to turn through maintaining the width in the arms and hitting a much more consistent golf shots. What you don’t want to do however when you're trying to get width is taking the club away and letting the arms become disconnected with the body. You can achieve the widest swing possible by letting the arms drift away from the body and really getting that club pointed pretty much up in the sky at the top of the golf swing. However if you’ve any experience in golf, you should understand that you’ll never actually be able to hit a consistent ball from this position.

So you need to get the club as wide as possible [Inaudible] [0:01:53] from the arms connected with the rest of the body. Not always easy to achieve but it’s something you definitely can practice. By taking the club away, pushing it away, keeping the arms relatively close, pushing the hands away from the body but keeping that right elbow close and then swinging down and through. And it will add power it should also add -- quite a lot of consistency as well. So give it a go extra bit of width in that back swing in that take away it will set your swing off to a fantastic start.