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How can a pause at the top of my golf swing help improve my ball striking? Now a pause at the top of the golf swing, an actual pause which is noticeable to the naked eye is quite rare within the professional game. There only really a handful of players which spring to mind who've successfully deployed this technique. However if you slow most professional swings down, so it’s a very, very slow motion swing, when they actually reach the top of the back swing, there is just a slight fraction of a pause. That’s when the back swing ends and the actual transition into the down swing begins. If you find that you're getting to the top of you're swing and your rushing feeling almost like there is a slight pause at the top can actually help. And it’s a great little drill you can use a well to help improve that consistency. If you just grab a ball or two just on the driving range, take a swing and when you get to the top just pause for about three seconds.

So take it to the top of the swing and pause, one two three, and then swing down and through. You can actually hit a ball like this or you can just use this as a practice swing. Now on the second ball or the second practice swing, just pause for two seconds. One two and then three. And on the third practice swing of course it's just for one second, one and then on the ball or another ball if you pulled across trying to replicate that feeling, the one second pause. What most people will find is when they get to the top of the swing, it will feel like an eternity but in reality if it is played back on video or one of your friends is watching, it will almost be, it will almost be impossible to tell that have actually paused but what it will do, it will help improve from the point here to the transition into the down swing.

It will help just slow you down and just hopefully help move you into impact a lot, lot better. Don’t actually kind of dismiss having a pause at the top of the golf swing straight away. Although it is slightly strange a lot of people made the mistake that they feel it should be very fast from the top of the swing into impact. It should be a slow transition and having a little pause at the top can help sometimes. So use that drill, give it a go, have a pause and see if it improves your ball striking.