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How can a taller golfer create more power in their golf swing? Now there are many generators of power during the golf swing and one of them is arc, and that’s the actual distance that the club travels in its actual path around the body. Now a very, very wide swinger would move away from the body, reach as high as it possibly can at the top of the swing and then move down on a similar path. Now, the wider the arc, the more potential speed is built into the swing. The easiest way of thinking about this if you imagine a bicycle wheel, with the center and then the spokes coming off, the center of the wheel turns very, very slowly. But as the center of the wheel turns quicker, the outer edge of the wheel turns even faster. You can imagine that as being the golfer; the golfer being the inner parts of the wheel and the club being the outer part of the wheel. The more you turn the body and the wider the wheel, the more potential speed there is travelling on the outside.

Now a taller golfer is able to produce more power because they have longer arms and therefore they can produce more width in the swing. With a smaller golfer and larger golfer, the smaller golfers will struggle to generate the same amount of power simply because their arcs are a lot closer to their body is not as wide. The taller golfer will be able to produce that big wide swing arc. Now unfortunately, if you’re a short golfer, there’s not a massive amount you can do about this, unless you want to go around standing on a box. So what you will have to do is make sure that your swing arc is as wide as it can go. However the taller golfers will be able to produce generally more power and therefore they can produce some very, very big drives.