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How can I get up and down more to improve my golf scores? Now getting up and down around the green is one of the key fundamentals you will need to actually improve your scores overall. Because you can hit the ball as well as anyone you know, but unless you can start getting up and downs from chipping from bunkers from pitching and actually rolling the ball into the hole you will never actually win anything and you will never actually compete with other people at your club. It's such an important part of the game you should be given at least 50% to your practice time over to short shot around the green. Now the basic thing you need to do is get a very, very basic and fundamental chipping routine and actual chipping stroke. Now by chipping routine what I mean is actually selecting your shot before you play it, there are so many people get over the ball with a very unclear understanding of what they are trying to achieve. So before you hit your shot pick the shot you actually want to play whether it would be a high a low shot a running one a stopping one, select a point you want it to land on the green and then fully commit.

So that would be a solid routine to use, but what you want from a solid basic technique is just to achieve a slightly descending blow on the ball into other consistent amounts of spin once it actually gets up in the air. Now a very basic chipping stroke and a very kind of basic pitching stroke that you can extend this kind of setup for, is to get the feet relatively close together, open up the feet and the hips slightly to the target and that presets your impact position because with a chip and a pitch shot you don’t have much time to actually rotate the hips, so the feet and the hips slightly open that presets the impact. Your hands address should be slightly ahead of the ball, ball is in the middle my stance is here, hands should be slightly ahead of the ball and about 60% of your weight should be placed on the front foot. Now this gets you in a very basic in a very solid position to actually hit the shot. And all you need to do from here is turn the shoulders back, keeping the wrist hinge to a minimum, turning the shoulders through and returning the hands ahead of the ball strike down bruising the surface after impacts and then keep the wrist nice and firm through as well.

Now there is a very, very basic chip shot here, it can be used from most situations, so if you are around the green and you are practicing then please use this technique. However using this technique and using this routine won't be enough what a lot of people don’t do like I said at the start is actually practice. Get this routine get the way that you are actually using your technique correct but then practice dedicate sometime and I can guarantee that your scores will drop significantly.