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How can I stop hitting the golf ball fat with my short irons? Now a fat golf shots is one of the most fascinating shots you can hit, because unlike the opposite of thin, it doesn’t actually go much distance at all. You can actually ground before the ball, begin to the tuff, and then the ball just pops forward hardly in a distance at all, and you are left with a massive divot to actually clear up. Now a fat shot usually occurs when golfer comes into the ball, loses the angle which you created between the wrist, and the club at the top of the swing, that is lost you in the down swing, the club bottoms out and is arched too early, and catches the ground before the ball.

Now there’re a couple of things you need to kind of pay attention to, and there’s a couple of things you need to check straight away. First of all, in the back swing you need to make sure, that there is a full 90 degrees of wrist hinge and reset between the wrist and the actual club. The wrists and the club should fall at 90 degree angle. If you can get that position, it’s a lot easy to actually maintain it through the down swing. However, if you are getting that wrist hinge, and you are getting that 90 degree angle but you’re still losing that angle as you come down and you’re hitting that fat shot. There are a number of different ways you can actually use, a number of different drill you can actually use to make sure you strike the ball better.

One of the most simple, is a three ball drill where you get set up, you get a little bit of weight on the left side, you get the hands, just ahead of the ball like this, you swing it back with a bit of a wrist hinge only half way, coming to impact and just and repeat that same position with the hands slightly ahead of the ball, and this will create a ball tuff contact, so the ball first and then a little bit of the tuff.

Then on the next swing, just get that swing moving, the back swing moving a little bit further, still that way forward, those hands used ahead. So a full wrist hinge with a bit of further on so be that same ball first, to have contact. And lastly, just pop the way back so even as you would with a normal full shot, but try and replicate the same feeling. With the big turn, the wrist hinging and gaining to a position where the weight is forward, the hands just ahead, and you’re striking down and through on the ball. Not catching the tuff first, but catching the ball.

And if you can get into those positions, those fat golf shots with the short times, should become a thing of a past and you can hopefully, start attacking more pins.