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How can I improve my golf swing tempo? Golf swing tempo is a very individual matter. Most people will try and fit their tempo to how they live the rest of their lives. If they are a particularly quick person, then their tempo should be little bit quicker, if they are a laidback and relaxed person the tempo should be quite laidback and relaxed. Possibly one of the best ways to actually improve your tempo is to pick a professional golfer who you particularly admire, hopefully someone of about the same height and build.

Now what you can do is watch them on TV, get a recording, just try and picture their swing and then actually take it to the driving range take it to the course and try and copy the rhythm. Imitating a good player’s rhythm will rub off very quickly when you’re practicing and hopefully have a lasting improvement on your game. So if you pick a golfer you admire, someone with a fantastic rhythm say like Freddy Couples, get over that ball, imagine their swing and then just try and copy the same rhythm. And if you can swing and copy the rhythm you should actually find that many of the most difficult moves in the swing actually starts to fall into place a little bit better. So if you do want to improve your tempo pick a player you admire, watch their swing visualize it, imagine it, and then just try and put it into your own game.