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Can releasing the golf club change the distance of my golf shots? Now the release of the clubface through impact and actually throughout the whole of the sling can have a massive impact on how far you can hit the ball. There are a number of different drivers of powering the golf swing, whether it would be the body rotation away from the ball. Or the hit turn through the ball as it turns towards the target. But one the key drivers as well as this things is also the release of the clubface and the release of the club through impact. Now the release just simply refers to the clubface through the downswing squaring up to the point of impact so it’s pointing down towards your target. And then they are letting it release through to get the toe of the club pointing up at the sky as you have actually hit ball, now an easy way to actually think about a release the correct release of the golf club as well is to swing it back get the toe of the club pointing up at the sky. Swing it through get the clubface pointing down at your target and then extending through and getting the clubface pointing up at the sky once again.

And that will get the clubface travelling on a very nice path back it through the ball and actually getting released and get straight down towards your target. Now that’s obviously very controlled swing that needs to be added in to your full swing motion. Because what it actually does is it brings a little bit more club head speed through the ball. A mistake that a lot of people make is they try and keep the clubface square by griping on very tight and holding it throughout the impact area. But what that actually does is it kill’s a lot of the speed that you can generate. So this is my stiff arm stiff wrist swing just trying to keep the clubface pointing at the target. But then as soon as I let the clubface release a little bit more all of a sudden I’ve just got an extra little bit of club head speed.

And that will give me a little bit more power and a little bit more distance through the shot, so if you are struggling with a little bit distance and also a little bit accuracy, because the clubface isn’t quite releasing it tends to go off to the right of the target. Practice that a little drill those little half swings and hopefully you will see an increase in your overall club head speed.