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How can I intentionally hook my golf shots? Now a hook shot it normally in normal situations is something you want to avoid. It starts to the right of your target before veering wildly in the air to finish a long way to the left of the target. Now normally is a very uncontrollable shot, and like I said something you wish to avoid. However there are certain situations when you might need to hit one. Let’s say you have an obstacle in the way such as a tree, and you need to actually move the ball from right to left, around the obstacle to reach your target. Now there’re certain ways that you can actually adapt the body and adapt the swing to hit a hook. But the first thing you need to realize and remember is that a hook starts to the right and then curves to the left of your target. Now what that means is you need to adapt your alignment before absolutely anything else.

So you need to understand that your first aim and your first goal is to stir the ball to the right, and then curve it around. Don’t settle with the square alignment to your target. So if you were aiming to hook a ball around an obstacle, bring that rightful back and then allow the body to be moving and aiming off to the right hand side. Now from this position, you want the club to be travelling from inside the body to out with the clubface closed to both that path and the target. Now there’re a couple of ways you can do this; you can either really rotate the hands through and really rotate the forearms. Probably a simpler way to do it is to strengthen the grip. So if you have a neutral grip to begin with, which is to say two and a half knuckles on the left hand when you look down, then the V pointing towards the right shoulder, and the V pointing towards the right shoulder or with the right hand as well.

To strengthen that grip and to make into more of a hook grip, you can place the left hand more on top so you can about three knuckles. And you can move the right hand underneath so the V drops below the right shoulder. Now this is a strong grip but it also makes it easier to rotate and close the clubface. So with that strong grip a more to the right of your target, swing from an inside path to out and then let that clubface release quite aggressively; and that will cause quite a lot of movement from right to left in the air. Like I said before, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to actually keep your alignment the same but just try and drop the club more on a inside path. Your alignment is one of the keys and then one of the main aspects and one of the things you need to do more than anything else to achieve an actual consistent hook shot, and one that you can control.

So the next time you’re out on the course and you’re faced with an obstacle change your alignment, change your grip, inside path, and get those hands rolling over. And hopefully you’ll be out to a finer way to the green, or whatever target you’re aiming for.