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Video Transcript

How can I accelerate through the golf ball more? Now acceleration through the ball is actual speed club head speed you can actually generate and that is transferred into overall distance. So the more you accelerate through a ball the more club head speed you will achieve and the more overall distance which is possible. Now you need to actually get your body moving in the correct order to achieve a very fast through swing. Now by that what I mean is turning the shoulders fully during the back swing and from that point on really starting to rotate the hips down towards the ball. The faster you can rotate the hips the more the body will lag behind and the more of a sling shot effect will be created.

So the faster you can turn your hips after a full shoulder turn, the faster you can turn your hips through the ball the quicker the upper body will follow. However that’s not the only thing you can do, through impact if you really want them at a little bit more of a punch of power is you can really extend the arms down towards the target. So it’s getting that full back swing, then rotating the hips through and then really extending the arms through the impact area. These three things kind of linked in together will achieve some explosive acceleration through impact and achieve a lot more club head speed. So it’s getting set up, it’s having that big turn with the shoulders rotating through with the hips and extending down towards the target.

And if you can get the body moving in that order, you are really going to put a lot of punch. One thing you don’t want to do however is rush everything. What a lot of people do they understand about how to maneuver the hips, turn them, I mean even extend the arms through but they try and do it so fast that something falls out of joint, something falls out of place and inconsistent ball striking follows. Just ensure that everything is moving in the correct order first, once you have the order grooved then you can start to pick up speed. Do not run before you can walk. So give that a go, big shoulder turn, big hip turn, big extension through, take it slow, groove it and then start to build up the pace and hopefully you’ll see an increase in the acceleration through impact.