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How can I stop my hands from over rotating during the golf swing? Now a rotation of the hands and the rotation of the club face through impact is very, very important because it actually squares the club face up to where you want to go.

But what some people do is actually over rotate so the club face and the hands close and actually send the ball to the left. An over rotation can cause either a hook or a pole hook and sometimes if you do get it right, quite a big distinctive draw. However what you don’t want to do is carry on doing this kind of with every club because the ball flight will become inconsistent and it can be uncontrollable.

What you actually want is a nice steady rotation through the ball, but you also want it to be quite neutral and quite calm. You don’t want the hands to be really flipping the club face open over through impact.

Just like I said, you just won’t get the consistency strike that you need. Now one of the easiest ways to control your release is just doing a lovely little half swing drill. So it’s getting a nice grip. If your grip is too strong by the way, that could cause an over rotation of the hand. So make sure you have a nice neutral grip, and there are lots of other videos available on the website for you to check out.

But get a nice neutral grip, take your stance, swing the club away to this position here, halfway back, where the toe end of the club is pointing directly up to the sky. From there swing into impact and make sure that the club face is pointing down towards your target and then swing through and get the club face pointing up at the sky.

Now this little half swing drill it allows you to maintain control over the club face through the most important face of the swing in relation to your accuracy. From this point here to impact, to just after impact, so lots of those little drills where it’s toe up to square to toe up will definitely improve the way you constantly kind of send the ball out there straighter.

If you find that the ball is still moving from right to left in the air, one thing you can actually do through impact is actively feel like the club face is being slightly opened. Now if you’re not actually over rotating on the club face, the ball isn’t moving from right to left. Feeling like the club face is actually opened through impact could cause a fade or a slice.

So only if you’re hitting consistent hook should you get the feeling that the club face might be slightly open through impact. But if you are over rotating the hands, give that little drill a go and it’s definitely going to be able to give you more control over that most important phase of the swing and hopefully, get you hitting the ball a lot, lot straighter.