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How can I hit a perfect golf flop shot every time? Now flop shot is a very difficult technique to master and is involved when you got not a lot of green to work with when you are around the putting surface. If you got something high and kind of a high shot you need to play something difficult to get over, so it just kind of heavy you off or a bunker which lies in between you with the pin, the flop shot is the perfect shot to call upon. However it does require a specific technique which is also very difficult to achieve.

So for a basic flop shot, what you want to be doing is first of all opening up the club face of a higher lofted wedge. So I have got a 58? wedge here, I want to open it up just slightly, just to increase the overall loft of the club. Now this will allow me to hit the ball much higher and will also allow the ball to land much softer once it actually hits the green. So I’ve opened up my club face and so about that point there, so if I was to actually set up square to the target my club face would be aiming to the right hand side. So that’s why, if you open up the club face, you need to actually open up the body as well. So now my club face is open but my body here is been opened until the leading gauge is pointing at the target. Now for a flop shot, it needs to go underneath the ball and clip the ball up very, very high.

Now to do that I’m going to move the ball position a little bit further forward in my stance and I’m just going to keep my hands level with the ball because that’s where I want them to be at the point of impact. I want to be swinging away and then at returning my hands to a point where they are level with the ball because if I can do that, then the club face will slide underneath and just pop the ball very, very high. So as we go through that again, I’m going to open up my club face, and then I’m going to open up my stance to match, I’m going to put the ball forward in my stance, I’m going to put my hands opposite my left thigh which is opposite the ball and then on the back swing, I’m just going to hinge my wrist a little bit quicker, and that will allow me to just go under the ball and just pop the ball up and away.

So the ball flies up very, very high and it lands very, very, softly. What you don’t want to be doing with the flop shot, is pulling the ball back in the stance and striking quite aggressively down. That kind of encourages a very steep angle of attack and if you hit the ball first, then it always going a lost ball, it’s going to fly a long way over the green and you’ll have no control. So make sure the ball is a little further forward in the stance , ensure that the back swing has a little bit more wrist hinge, and it will allow you to get underneath the ball, pop it up and away easily and land it nice and softly next to the pin. Have a practice and give it a go the next time you are on the course.