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How can I use the Thomas Golf Alignment Guide to check key positions in my golf back swing? Now every Thomas golf club has a patented piece of technology built in to the crown of the club and I’ve got my three hybrid here. It’s a flattened part of the crown, slightly compressed down with a very standout golden line set into the very top of the club. Now you can use this line in the alignment technology as you’re actually swinging the club back to check key positions.

And to direct you, you want the line to be pointing in square to your target line and as I set the club down it just falls into a very naturally square position. As I take my stance and I start to move the club away from the ball, I want that line to begin to rotate and open up as my club face follows the natural arc as I move the club away. So I move the club away that line is now changed and at this part of my golf swing where the club is parallel to the ground that golden line stands out very clearly and it’s in a flat position pointing out towards that side of the ball or that side out behind this in a nice flat line.

Now from here I know that my club face is square in relation to my path. From here I can just hinge up and turn up with confidence and I know if I come back down and that line is still nice and horizontal there I am in a very square position again. And from there I can just turn into the ball very, very nicely very, very confidentially and just fire through. So I swing it back, check the line is nice and horizontal, move it back and just try and repeat that same position. But if I hit those positions very well, hopefully that should follow a nice square shot.