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How can decelerating in my downswing, change my golf shots? Now deceleration in the downswing is one of the key killers to actual consistency of a strike. And it should be avoided at all costs. Deceleration happens when you’re coming into impact and for a number of reasons, maybe incorrect technique or fear and anxiety of the shot which lies before you. The club actually slows down as you approach the ball. Now this is a big cause of inconsistency because you are slowing the club down at the very point when it should actually be speeding up. The best golf swings and the best ball strikers from the top of the golf swing gradually accelerate down into the ball until impact and then carry on through. It is one of those key and strange things about golf. The fastest part of a golf swing, is actually just after impact. Is just after the ball has been struck, is in about this point here because this is when the arms straighten and the hips are fully rotated through.

Now to ensure that you don’t actually decelerate through impact, you can think about it the way as a car going through the gears. So you get to the top of the swing, and you go from first to second, to third to fourth to fifth. It’s a gradual acceleration. If you are accelerating down the road, the last thing you want to do is go from first to second to third, to second, because that’s just going to kill your momentum and kill your swing. One thing you don’t want to do as well is go from first to fifth because that’s going to cause inconsistency as well.

So it just needs to be a gradual acceleration through the ball. And if you can get that gradual acceleration through the ball, the consistency of your strike is bound to improve. One thing some people do actually because of deceleration is they think it gives them a little bit of better control over the distance. If you want better control over the distance of your golf shot, control your back swing length. The shorter you swing back, and the shorter you swing through, is the best way to control your distance. Don’t swing back and then stop. Just like I said this will kill the consistency of your strike. So the next time you are practicing, and the next time you are playing, think about going through the gears and hopefully you should see a big, big improvement in the way you are striking the golf ball.