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How can I improve my golf swing tempo? Now tempo is one of the most overlooked and yet very important aspects of the golfing technique which can improve your game by leaps and bounds if only you’d dedicate a little bit of time to improving it, grooving it and then trusting it once you get out onto the course. Now a golf swing tempo is just basically the speed at which you swing and the momentum you build up throughout the golf swing as well.

Now the best way to find your own tempo is to match it to how you live the rest of your life as well. If you’re quite a laid back character then your tempo will tend to be quite a laid back rhythm as well. If you live your life in a very fast pace and you’re always darting about here and there, then your swing tempo will probably suit being slightly quicker.

Now a great way to actually achieve a correct tempo and to really groove it is to imagine one of your favorite players swinging. So if you imagine someone who has got a recognizably fantastic tempo like Fred Couples or Colin Montgomerie, you can actually focus on their techniques and imagine them swinging. And a great way to practice is if you stand over the ball just imagine Freddy Couples swing, watch it on YouTube, watch it on a video, just imagine his swing and then try and copy that same rhythm and that same tempo. You can actually groove a much better strike and a much better consistent technique a lot, lot quicker. But it’s the same as anything, you can’t just imagine your way into a good tempo, it does take time, and it does take practice, and it does take trust.

Because what you’ll tend to do if you’re searching for a tempo to begin with is either swing as slow as you possibly can or some people if they want to get a good tempo start to swing as fast as they can. It’s normally always in that middle ground. So practice, have some slow motion drills imagining your favorite players but also just dedicate the time to trusting it and take it out onto the golf course. If you do, then the consistency of your strike should improve but also the overall distance and the overall enjoyment of your round should improve as well, hopefully so.