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Video Transcript

How I can I build a solid foundation to my golf swing? Now a solid foundation to a golf swing is rooted in the stance and the posture. How you actually get yourself set up to the ball can have a massive knock on effect to how you actually swing. Now what you want to be seeing from a stance is the feet to be set in a position where they’re able to support the turn and support the weight and the transfers as you actually hit the ball. With the posture you want to be seeing a bit of a spine tilt and enough strength in the posture again to support the different turns as you move throughout the technique. Now with the stance, what you want to be seeing with the irons is a bit of a shoulder width apart.

So the feet, the left foot should actually correspond to your left shoulder and the right foot should correspond to your right shoulder as well. This will have enough width and enough actual stability to support you as you swing. Now with the posture what you want to be seeing is the back to be nice and straight the spine angle to be nice and straight and a tilt over. If you can keep the spine angle nice and straight in your posture you’ll actually be able to rotate and turn around in much easier and it should help stop any rising or dipping you actually have throughout the swing. So just ensure that with the irons, the feet, the shoulder width apart, as you get to the driver they can widen for a little bit more stability, but keep the posture nice and solid tilt over from the hips, keep the spine angle nice and straight a little bit of flex from the knees and you should be able to hold yourself in this position for as long as you want to. If you want to build a solid foundation start off with the stance and then onto the posture.