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How can I take my good range game on to the golf course? Now this is a common problem that a lot of people actually suffer with; they go down to the driving range, they hit the ball fantastically well, but as soon as they get out on to the course that’s when the problems begin; they can’t replicate the same strike and the same consistency that they have when practicing. Now often the cause of this is a fault while actually at the driving range. What a lot of people do is just stand there with the same club, hit ball after ball after ball; get into a groove, get into a rhythm and start hitting the ball a little bit more consistently.

On the golf course you can’t just stand there in the same spot and hit ball after ball. You follow full shot with the chip, a chip with a putt then a putt with a drive, and then a full shot, a faded shot, a hook, or a shot out of rough; there’s so many different shots that actually follow each other, it’s not just a case of standing there and hitting shot after shot after shot. Now to try and ensure that you get the practice more gelled in with what you are actually going to do on the golf course, practice different shots when at the range. So start off with a driver, hit the driver down the range; try to imagine a hole that you’re kind of not quite so good at your course or a hole that you’ve played before; try and hit a drive down there, and then try and think about where you finishes.

If it finishes it on the right side of the fairway about 7-Iron away, get the 7-Iron out of back and the next shot you hit at the driving range is a 7-Iron; imagine that one going towards the green, if it just misses your next shot is a chip to a nearby target.

What you can do, you can go through 50 or 100 balls, and one shot might not follow the next. You could be hitting a different shot every time, and that is much more likely what you are going to actually see when you get out to the golf course. So if you’re not quite able to take your range game on to the course, change your practice habits; hit different shots after different shots and try and build in the variation into your practice swing. And hopefully, when you go off the range onto the course you will be able to hit it a lot more consistently with a lot more confidence.