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How can the angle of my follow through affect the direction of my golf shot? Now the angle of the follow through when combined with the face position the impact will determine where your golf ball will travel. If the angle of your follow through is slightly off then it will have an impact on the initial starting point of the actual ball. What you will tend to find is that the angle of your follow through is largely kind of in relation to your target line. Now your target line will ran from the ball down towards where you want the ball to actually finish. If the angle of your follow through comes away slightly on the inside the ball will tend to start to the left hand side. If the angle of your golf follow through comes from the inside and points off towards the right of the target the ball will tend to start to right hand side of the target line.

You want the angle of your follow through to be coming into the ball on a nice square path slightly from an inside position into a square position at impact and then tracing down the target line and pointing down towards the target after impact in this position. The classic way of thinking about this is swinging through the ball and then shaking hands with the target. If you shake hands with the target then the club will be pointing down to where you want to go and the ball will generally start off in a much straighter direction with a good golf follow through. So if your angle comes from out to in you will tend to hit a slice or a cut or a pole. If the angel comes from very much in to out you will hit a hook, a push or a draw. And if you can get that club moving straighter into the ball and then extending down towards your target you will tend to hit straighter shots more of the time.