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How can I create enough shoulder rotation in my golf back swing? Now the rotation of the shoulders and rotation of the body during the golf back swing helps build power so that you can deliver a real club hit speed to the ball during impact. Now a lot of people do suffer with not quite having enough rotation during the back swing, and therefore they can't build the necessary power they need. Now there are a couple of reasons this might be, some are technical, but also some are fitness related as well. If you are not flexible you don’t quite have enough mobility you won't actually be able to turn back fully and that is something that does need to be addressed. Now there are a couple of ways you can actually practice this, mostly you can do this without even actually hitting a ball. You can take a club just pop it across your chest or pop it across your back, get into a golf posture, practice keeping the lower half nice, and steady while turning and stretching the upper body round. With the full rotation what you should see is the shaft to be now at 90 degrees in relation to where it was addressed and the middle of the back pointing down towards your target. If you can get into this fully rotating position you will certainly have a lot more power.

Now if you are still struggling there are a couple of more things you can do. On a normal swing where you want to see is the lower half to stay nice and steady and especially the right hip not to actually turn back too much, however if you are struggling you can allow the hip to turn a little bit more and therefore the body will follow. Another thing utilized by a lot of the older professionals is as you turn back allow the left heel to rise and that will also enable you to have lots of turn; but the key check point that you want to be seen are the shoulders to be turning 90 degrees, the left shoulder tucking underneath the chin and this will allow you to build up a lot of power. So if you are struggling for some rotation practice those little drills, practice stretching and also just have a little bit of a rotational exercise when you get on the first tee before you go out.