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Video Transcript

How can I become a better shot maker with my golf shots? Now, to improve to the point where you’re shooting with very low scores, you need to have the ability to shape shots through the air. Now shaping shots through the air means you can call on a left to right fade, or a right to left draw, or a low or a high shot on command. Now a lot of this comes from practice and understanding how to actually move the club through impact, and a little bit of understanding about clubface angle as well. So a very basic summary to fade the shot you need to be coming from out to in slightly cutting across the body and opening up the clubface in relation to that path where you make it slightly close to the target. And to hit a draw, you need to be coming from slightly in to out with the clubface close to that path but slightly open to the target. To hit the ball lower, you need to understand about steepening the angle of attack and striking down on the ball. To hit the ball higher, you need to understand about coming in on a shallower angle of attack and actually lifting the ball off up into the air.

Now this takes – this understanding takes a bit of practice. But a nice way that you can actually groove these new actual ball flights is to vary your practice when you’re at the driving range. Now a great little way you can do this is to take three balls but hit alternate shots. So hit a fade, hit a straight, and then hit a draw. The success of the shot at first, it doesn’t really matter but it gets you thinking about the different ball flights. And the more you do the drill, the better you’ll become. So on the first shot, you just open up that stance to a target taking it from out to in, hitting a little fade. Then on the second shot; keeping the stance nice and square, trying to square that clubface up at impact.

And then with the last one just closing the stance slightly just coming from in to out just trying to hit that little bit of a draw. And actually using that little drill and just being able to shape your shot will put in great stead where you’re out on the course. It will give you the ability to attack a left to right shot when then pin is tucked on the back right of the green, it will allow you to draw a ball around the trees where previously you were unable. So if you do want to hit the height of a low, low handicap then you need to practice your shot-shaping but do it in a manner which varies your practice. Don’t just stand there and hit fade, after fade, after fade, don’t stand there just hitting draw, after draw, after draw. Vary it, practice it and actually you’ll improve a lot quicker in this way.