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How do tour pros strike the golf balls so cleanly every time? Now to answer this question you need to understand that there is no real quick fix. Tour professionals practice all their lives to compete at the very, very top level and it is not just a single thing which causes them to hit the ball so cleanly, it is a lifetime dedication; it’s a lifetime of practice. So if do you want to emulate those players you need to make sure you have the necessary time and the necessary kind of -- well, attitude and right kind of enthusiasm to practice for long hours. However, there is one thing in specific which you see throughout kind of the whole professional tours and that is all the professionals manage to get a correct angle of attack depending on the club that they have. Now an angle of attack into the ball is how the club actually moves on a swing arch down into the shot. If it moves down very, very steeply so very, very vertically onto the ball that’s known as a very steep angle of attack and if it moves very, very shallow, and actually hits up on the ball through impact that’s known as a very, very shallow angle of attack.

Now with the irons a lot of professionals, most of the professionals what they manage to do is hit the ball with the slightly descending blow, now what actually happens there is the hands just get ahead of the ball at impact the ball is hit first and then the ground is just hit after. So it’s a nice shallow divot which is created. Now with an iron that creates a slight descending blow, the correct impact position’s a bit of backswing and also a very, very clean strike. Now when the golfers -- pro golfers move on to the longer clubs especially with the driver what they will do is rather than hit down on the golf ball they will move it further forward in the stance and actually employ a shallower angle of attack. So they don’t hit down on the ball but they sweep it up and away off the tee using a shallower angle of attack. So they use an angle of attack and a swing arch which is appropriate to their clubs. Now a great way to do that is to alter the set up make sure that the ball positions are correct through every club that I will set to make sure that you practice lot’s and lot’s and lot’s because without that you won’t be able to emulate the top pros.