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How can I better judge the wind on the golf course? Now it’s very, very rare that you will actually go out and play a course where there is no wind at all. There is always normally a little bit of a breeze from one way or the other and actually judging that breeze, judging that wind correctly will definitely help you lower your scores. Because as the ball flies through the air and the wind affects it even a slightest misjudgment could see that ball go off the green into a bunker and cause a high score. So there are a number of different ways you can actually judge the wind correctly. First of all you can just get down and get a little bit of grass, toss that up in the air and see where the actual grass blows to. Now that will give a pretty accurate reading of what the wind is doing around you, so for a shot short kind of a 100 yards that would give a decent reading of what the winds is actually doing.

You can also look at the top of any trees that you see, to see which way they are blowing. That will give a better indication of what the actual wind is doing above your level. So as you get 30, 40 feet off the ground that will give a decent kind of judgment of what the wind is doing above the where you are. Because on a lot of courses where the wind starts to swirl, around the trees what’s happening on the ground can be quite different to what’s happening 30, 40 in the air.

Now the second of the third thing you can do is actually judge where the clouds would go. So if the clouds are going from right to left in the sky you will know that’s the general direction of the wind, but then you can relate that back to what the trees are doing and to what the grass is doing to get an accurate reading. Lastly have a look at what the flag is doing as well, if the flag is going from right to left then you know at the green the wind is blowing from right to left as well. A big mistake would be not to go through these four check points if you just throw some grass in the air and see its right to left and then all of a sudden decide well that must be what the wind is doing that would be a mistake. What’s happening where you are to what’s happening where, above you with level 30 40 feet in the air and what’s happening at the green could be drastically different take the time to draw these different factors and then play the shot.