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How to become a better pitcher quickly? Now pitching a ball is when you need to lift it off the ground quite quickly, travel it a short distance, pitch it on the green, and then get it stopping quite quickly next to the pin. Now there’s a great little technique and a great little set up you can use to help you pitch the ball better straightaway. And it just involves grooving the same length swing back and through. Now use this set up with the feet and the hips slightly open to the target which pre-sets them in an impact position because you won’t quite have time to turn the hips through as normal.

So pre-set the hips in an impact position, pop the ball in the middle of the stance, use a lofted wedge I’ve got a sand wedge here. Grip down a little bit further on the grip, pop the weight forward onto the front foot about 60% and the hands ahead of the ball. So this is a great little set up position you can use to become a pitcher a better pitch with the ball a lot quicker. As you take the club away, get the arm parallel to the ground but then get the club pointing up at the sky in a classic L-shaped position.

From here strike down and through and then get on the through swing to this L-shaped position as well so using that setup and then this L-shape, to L-shaped swing. Now this will send the ball a consistent distant every time, but it’ll certainly make you a better pitcher straightaway. To adapt your distance because you could use different clubs but to become a more advanced pitcher, you need to practice different swing lengths. To groove this swing first, it’ll make you a better pitcher straightaway.

What you don’t want to do is just go out on the course unprepared and have a swing of different distances every time. That won’t produce consistent distance control, and it won’t make you a better pitcher. So practice this technique, get yourself out on the course, and hopefully from within about 50 yards or so this will make you a very good pitcher straightaway.