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How can I stop casting the golf club? Now casting the golf club during the down swing is a fault that we see in many amateur golfers across the world. The cast basically happens from the top of the swing where the angles between the wrist and the club are lost and normally the club travels on an outer wing path through the ball. The cast is normally associated with people who slice the ball who pull the ball, because the club is thrown like we said on this outer swing path, even the club face stays open and it turns into a slice, and the club face stay square to the outer wing path and the ball travels off to the left hand side.

Now to actually stop a casting the golf club we need to start moving the hands on a better path during the downswing, but also maintaining the angle between the hands and the club. To practice this and to stop casting we need to swing to the top, ensuring our wrist are fully hinged 90 degrees in between the wrist and the club shaft, and then trying to maintain this 90 degree angle during the actual downswing. The only time that the hands and the arms actually straightened out is just at the point of impact or just after the point of impact. Now this should help stop the club, from releasing and loosing the angle between the wrists. So from the top move it down into this position. If you can couple that up, with moving into this position but also moving the hands nearer the body and not outside the body they should link up both to stop the cast and the over the top movement. And if we can do it we should see a straight shot and not a slice or a putt. So give that a go and if you can stop casting the ball -- casting the curve we should much straighter ball flex.