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There's two very common problems that we see with golfers driving the ball; often golfers slice the golf ball, they don’t get the ball up in the air enough as well. And then there's one common thing we see with golfers when they buy clubs, is they buy it shafted too stiff. So why are these two things related, is the fact that most golfers want to buy the extra stiff shaft which is a bit of a macho thing and the fact that most drives go too low too far right; is that related? Simple answer, yes it is.

As a golfer swings the club to the top, the shaft isn’t doing a great deal; the shaft really starts to work during the down swing. Now we need the right flex of shaft to be maxed to the swing speed and the swing tempo. If the shaft is too stiff the shaft won’t be in the right position, it won’t be what I would say working, it won’t be working during the down swing to get the club face in the right position; and it will often present the golf club in an open position, the face will be pointing too far right; it also won’t have quite enough loft on it and we see a ball that cuts low and right.

Classic example; a guy buys a new golf club, he thinks he’s got the best thing on the market because he’s got seven and a half degrees and extra stiff and he just hits these low bottom edgy curves down the right-hand side. You give him a different club; give him 12 degrees with a soft flex shaft, give him a ladies’ flex and hope he doesn’t notice, and he’s going to pop that ball up with a nice high drill.

But it’s a macho thing won’t let him buy that one, he’ll have to buy the seven degree extra stiff which is such a shame because he’s going to fight that and he’s going to stop manipulating his swings and try and lean back and hit the ball up in the air. The reality is most golfers need a softer flex shaft and more loft in the head. Too stiffer flex shaft doesn’t work enough down to impact, the club head would stay a little bit too open with not enough loft on the impact and would produce shots that cut low and right. If the shaft is too stiff, low and right will be a result.