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Video Transcript

The golf swing is made up of so many different flowing movements, that finding exercises which engage multiple muscles at one time, are going to be essential if you want to work on many muscles at one time and in one exercise. Now using medicine balls and using specific exercises, can really help you accomplish this goal. Now this particular exercise its a squat as you explode outwards, and it’s a reverse throw. Now it’s quite a difficult, quite a demanding actual movement to make. But if you can get it right, it’ll engage the lower half. It really engages the core, and more importantly that the last little bit of this exercise, will also engage the arm muscles as well. It really is a fantastic all rounder. Now try to perform this, we need a medicine ball, we need to be getting into a position where we’re standing up nice and straight to begin with, with the feet well over shoulder width apart because this ball is going to be going down in between the legs, and you don’t want the knees to be getting in the way. So strand up nice and tall, legs far apart, arms extended outwards, and what you’re going to be doing is moving down into a very deep squat position.

Getting this ball between your legs, before moving upwards, extending the arms, getting the medicine ball behind the head, before bringing it back down to its original start position. So getting it extended, moving it down, up, back, and straight. Now to add little bit into this drill if you want a more powerful movement. As you actually extend outwards go down, come up, at this point here you could throw the ball straight outwards, hence the name of the actual drill. But to begin with, if you want to keep holding the medicine ball, it’s certainly a lot safer to do it that way. So use that drill, to engage the lower half, to engage the core, but also to engage the arm muscles. A real all rounder that you can build into your exercise routine.