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How should I care for my lower back when golfing? Now lower back injuries, lower back strains and pains, are quite common in golfers who have been playing the game for a while but also people who have only been playing the game for a short while. Now the best way to kind of get rid of these lower back pains and to try and help and eliminate them occurring is to follow a few simple steps. Before you play and before you practice, do some stretches and do some exercises, consult with a doctor or a personal trainer, to try and get some specific exercises which will loosen up the muscles in the lower back and the lower legs as well because everything is connected and you don’t want to be stretching just the lower back you want to be in the upper back, the gluts, and the hamstrings as well; everything’s connected. So consult with a doctor, consult with a physical trainer, and get some great stretches and exercises you can do to strengthen and loosen up that area.

Many people don’t realize that golf is a very physically demanding activity where you use most of the muscle groups when you’re swinging. So having a good level of fitness and good level of flexibility is important. Now using your proper technique will also help eliminate back problems. One of the main problems I find when teaching, a lot of people find, is people with poor posture tend to suffer more lower back pain then anyone else. The more kind of precisely when people set up and they find that their hips are tucked underneath the spine angle at a dress in this position. We need to try and make sure that the back is nice and straight and the hips and the pelvis are pushed back. This allows the hips to rotate freely throughout the swing and it takes less strain off them. If they’re in this position here tucked under the body it’s a lot more strain actually to turn them back and through. If you just reduce kind of knock that pelvis back out you’ll be able to turn through much more easily, much more freely with a lot less pain.

One mistake a lot of people make is when they get lower back pain is they just swing on regardless and actually in some cases actually swing harder and faster to try and loosen the lower back up. Take a step back, make sure you doing flexibility in strength and exercises and make sure your posture absolutely banged on. And last but not least don’t swing too hard, keep a nice relaxed motion take the strain off the body, just try and clip the board down there with a nice smooth rhythm. So is you are suffering from lower back pain just take those tips in order, make sure you do some strengthening some flexibility exercises and hopefully improving your technique, you will find lower back problems do become a thing of the past.