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Video Transcript

Two key areas which really work harder than most around the actual impact area are the hips and the lower back. Now mobilizing both these areas and strengthening both these areas is going to be very, very important if you want to hit the ball as far as possible but also have a very stable impact position. Now it’s quite a simple exercise you can do to actually kind of really highlight and work these two areas of the body and it’s just called quad rocking. So all you need to be doing is getting down on all fours, getting the arms and the hands directly underneath the shoulders, you want to be tucking up the heels so that they are quite close to the actual backside and it’s a simple, is pulling of the stomach down towards it – pulling up the stomach towards spine thus pushing the hips back toward the heels.

So it’s upwards towards the spine with the actual belly like this and then it’s pushing down as well at the same time. So it’s up and then down. And it starts to strengthen that lower back, the stomach but it also really mobilizes the hips as you go back. So its quad rocking back and then through, back and then through. Now it’s not a massive exercise it isn’t a wide range in motion but it really focuses in on the areas that count. So give that go try and build it into the rest of your routine, and see if you can build up some strength in that lower back and in those hips.