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Video Transcript

So hopefully, now you have mastered the proper takeaway movement taking the club back to about hip height, now we are going to build this swing and create a half swing. Now a half swing around about here, where the club should be pointing up vertically around about 12 o’clock on your back swing coming through hitting the golf ball and pointing up to about the same height 12 o’clock on the follow through.

So from a good address position, we’ve got a nice grip and set up, we make our takeaway left shoulder coming round under the chin for the right-handed golfer. Now, start to feel how your wrists and your thumbs start to get cocked up into the air so we keep the left arm straight and the thumbs point up into the air to around about the 12 o’clock position, so it’s shoulders around, thumbs up.

Now if you can make this movement so it’s all nice and fluid that would be great, but don’t be afraid of actually learning it as a two-stage movement. Eventually, it will smooth out quite nicely. As you are making this movement, we just got to work really hard and not moving the head too much and actually not doing too much with the legs. We don’t really want to see the legs and the hips getting too involved at the movement. We’re going to have to turn the shoulders back, lift the thumbs up to the sky, swing through and point the hands up into the air on the follow through. And this is just a simple and comfortable basic half swing. The golf ball should be going 50 to 60 yards and hopefully up into the air and nice and straight.

So as I set up to the golf ball again I get my good grip, I get my nice set up position, shoulders and wrists, hit and it come through. My right shoulder has gone underneath my chin, my hands have come through and again my club points up into the air. So that’s the basic half swing and next we are going to learn the full swing.