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Video Transcript

One thing you notice when the very best players coming to impact, is that the hips move left, before turning and exploding upwards, in a real show of power and a real show of force, as the energy is supped up from the ground upwards into the impact area. Now replicating these feelings, replicating these positions with exercises isn’t easy. But if you do find something you can replicate, and you can move into your routines, then it will do you so much good. Now this single leg step drill here, that I’m using with the medicine ball, will certainly help you do that. It’s not an easy one to do, it requires a little bit of coordination, a little bit of room. But what it involves is clutching a medicine ball, very close into the chest; you want to ride it inside of your chest and not letting it go. Dipping down on one leg, so I’m going to start with my right leg here, lifting my left leg off the floor, dipping down very low. Almost so the medicine ball is actually touching the knee, and then jumping off to the left hand side.

It doesn’t have to be a massive jump, you’ll only be jumping 12 foot in that direction, there’s just a step either side. And if you can step either side, then the power you’re going to generate through impact will be increased. Now you can do it in order, so right knee down, then a step, and then move over exactly the same. So left knee down, and then the step. And that little jump upwards and force off the left hand side, is really going to engage the glutes as well. So if you can build this into your routine, if you can get the lower half much more engaged, you’ll be able to explode outwards a lot more powerfully through impact, and hopefully hit the ball a little bit further.