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This is a really interesting question; if your shaft in your driver is too flexible, what effect is that going to have on the golf ball? Now, there's a lot of debate around this answer because there's the scientific answer and there's the real life answer. So the scientific answer tested by the robots molder the club fitters and the club testers; which suggest if the shaft is too flexible, the ball will spin too much, fly too high, and should go left. Now you might think ‘that doesn’t sound like the real world to me’ so lets understand why there's a difference. If a golf club comes to the top and as it changes direction, it loads up, it bends this way, then as it comes down it unloads; and actually as a golf club comes towards impact, the bend profile of the shaft would look more like that; it would be bending forwards.

The reason for that also is that there’s a central gravity right in the middle of the head. And when it’s swung very quickly, that club head is trying to line up with the center of the shaft, so the center of the shaft, the club head is trying to get in line. This club’s coming down 100-110 miles an hour that club is trying to get in line; that bends the shaft that way which has the effect of pitching the face up and left, more loft, more height, more down the left hand side.

So if a golf club – golfer or a robot should I say uses a very light flight shaft, swings very quickly, the club head is in this position it impact too high, too left. Now, real world answers when we are actually using a golfer to test this, a lot of golfers, they almost sense that feeling. They sense they’ve lost control of the club head. They’ll talk about feeling like the swing in a hose pipe around their head. And as they come down to impact, they make a subconscious adjustment trying to fight the club face and they hold it open. And I would suggest 70, 80, 90% of the golfers with too soft to flex shaft, probably miss the ball down the right hand side.

They would open the face up, they wouldn’t commit with the hands but open the face up and the ball would glide off down the right hand side. And then there's [Inaudible] [0:02:10]too soft the shaft is I need something stiffer. The reality is too stiff definitely makes it go low and right so too soft would normally make you go high left, perfect in the middle, too stiff low and right; but the difference is golfers will adjust for what they feel. So I think the best thing to do is try out some different shafts, try out too soft, try out perfect, try out too stiff; and then you will be able to get a feeling of what worked, but also you’ll be able to see the ball flight dynamics of what works. Get yourself on the launch monitor with a decent PJ club fitter, and you will be able to see the right shaft for your game.