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I want to talk about the backswing. The length of the backswing. How long, how short? Well, most backswings are around here somewhere trying to get that club on a horizontal line, aiming the clubface at the target and then from there if we try and concentrate on that sort of long backswing then we tend to lose control and once we’ve lost control we tend to throw the club from the top of the backswing and from that all the power is gone, all the control is gone, all the accuracy is gone. What a waste of time that was. So, how long should this backswing be? This is absolutely music to my ears. I love teaching this, especially to you senior golfers and I’m one of them. When you get over the ball, I want you to concentrate on a three-quarter backswing, three quarters. What is a three-quarter backswing?

Very simple tip. Hold your head nicely in a position. Don’t keep your head down, just hold the head nice and still and swing the club back so the shoulder just touches the chin. So, let’s just have a look at that. That wasn’t hard, wasn’t it? Very easy. The shoulder hits the chin. You feel the shoulder. You don’t need to be in the mirror looking at yourself, which would be a good thing to actually see where you’re going, but just feeling it, just feeling the shoulder hit the chin. By going to that position, now we’ve got all the energy stored where we want to be. The energy is not stored here and wasted there at the top, all the energy now is stored in this position here, we’ve got a good shoulder turn, a nice hip turn, we don’t even have to think about that.

We just naturally got ourselves back, as you would normally do, but we’ve controlled the backswing, we’ve kept it nice and impact and from here, all your club head speed is now centered on hitting down and through, so that’s where your energy should be. That’s where you want to hit the ball, at the bottom, not at the top. So, again, just over that ball, keep your head still, swing the club back, shoulder hits the chin, that’s the end of the backswing and from that the power is into the ball, so let’s just demonstrate on the ball. From here, shoulder to chin and there’s all the power and energy straight into that hitting area. Everything is there, lots of control. This has to improve your game. Go out and work on this.